Coming Soon – Back Bar

A big announcement about season three and the future of our humble little show!

What you need to know:

-Go into your podcasts and find the new show “Back Bar”

-Hit Subscribe

-Wait a month and the classics from seasons one & two of Bar None will appear for your downloading pleasure

-Tune in next summer for brand new episodes about the history of drinks and how what we drink shapes history!


Before launching our pilot we took a  moment to pen some advice – an alternative commencement speech for every graduating college senior in 2016.

Below is Episode i, Foreword:

Credits: Produced by Greg Benson and Keegan Cassady.  Hosted by Greg Benson.  Edited by Keegan Cassady.  Original Music by Ryan Laney.  Sounds by


Our Episode Transcript is available at our Patreon Page.