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We’re gearing up for season 2, and in that spirit, we’re bringing you our first episode without spirits! May 1 marked the release of our Season 2 preamble: One Hundred Percent Virtue, celebrating the making of that signature mocktail, the Shirley Temple.

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Weekly Update – Post Tales!

Well, it’s been a week since we headed back from Tales, so here’s a quick recap, now that we can breath:

These guys

went to this place

to pass out these things

at this thing

saw this







were like

and then kept pitching these

at things like this

and now we have to follow up with things like this

also we are looking forward to several crossover events, an upcoming awards nomination in the society and culture category (see all day tomorrow) and finding ourselves more content and sponsors as we gear up for season 2 next Spring!

In the meantime, content to look forward to:

Cheers, all! More good news to come this week.

-The Bar None Crew

Weekly Check in 5

Howdy all! After a whirlwind week visiting New York and launching our Patreon, we’re back and gearing up for July!

We’ve got a new logo to show off to you all, and swag books for our upcoming trip!

While June was our Patreon Launch, July will see Greg and Keegan off to New Orleans for Tales of the Cocktail! If you’re going, we’d love to see you. We’ll be there from July 18-July 21 (Tuesday-Friday).

If you’re just joining us, we are letting Patreon followers in on special behind-the-scenes exclusives at Tales of the Cocktail. Between live video, photos and videos, Regulars ($5 patrons) and up can get access to our Tales of the Cocktail experience AS IT HAPPENS!

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-The Bar None Crew

Weekly Check in 3


So it’s the end of negroni week, and we’ve got some updates for you all!

This Wednesday we are launching our Patreon page! If you enjoyed our transcripts and want to know where to find them… you might want to check there!

Next weekend, Greg and Keegan will be meeting up in sunny sunny NYC for a long overdue reunion. Much barhopping will be had – we’ve got to catch Keegan up on his cocktail research.

Additionally, we’re making some big plans for July (for all those of you who love vaguebooking), but for anyone wondering what they might be, give our pilot a listen…

Finally, all this month we’re celebrating our first podcast episode, the Sazerac! You can listen to that one on iTunes and Soundcloud. If you’ve got great Sazerac stories or documents, feel free to share them with us on Facebook and Twitter throughout June. We’d love to hear from you.

We’ve also made an ambitious goal for ourselves: 1,000 subscribers by June 30! You can help! Subscribe yourselves, and share our podcast with your friends!


As ever, Cheers.